Virtual Eye

Digitalisation for corporate success

Introduction to Virtual Eye

Virtual Eye GmbH was born in 2015 by the aggregation of different companies coming together to follow a common ideal. Our strength is, in fact, given by the presence of such different strengths unifying themselves to create one single core, Virtual Eye GmbH.
The result is now a company able to offer project management and PMO support, a cluster of skilled PMOs, Software Development and Rollout experts.

We keep an overview of the total project landscape, including budget-steering and financial reporting. Moreover, we provide our customers with an homogenous and standardized understanding of the processes and ensure that the same methods and tools will be applied in all projects.
We believe that standardization and efficiency are the keys to significant cost savings.

Enterprise value

Our strong enterprise values awake the interest of the clients and are also the base of our work.


Do things right

The company’s long lasting health is tightly related to our integrity. We are open about the decisions we take.


Focus on the results

Our success is measured against our skills, the expectations of our customers, partners and operators.



Success is reached by taking over the responsibility of processes and also results.



Our success is related to the efficient work our employees carry out with the the customer. Teamwork is the key to success.

Katinka Eisele

Katinka Eisele

Managing Director

"To work professionalism is shown not in verbal commitments, it is shown in representable results. "


Unsere Maxime in der täglichen Arbeit ist kontinuierliches Lernen und Verantwortung für unser Handeln
Vanessa B.
Senior Counsel
Wir kümmern uns persönlich und professionell umeinander und wir wollen gemeinsam die gesteckten Ziele erreichen.
Iris H.
Mitarbeiter können alles, wenn man sie weiterbildet und ihnen die richtigen Werkzeuge gibt und vor allem: wenn man es ihnen zutraut.
Christoph W.
Business Developer
Die offene Kommunikation bei Virtual Eye ermöglichtmir eine entspannteArbeitsatmosphäre.
Stephanie Z.
Junior Counsel
Bei Virtual Eye kann jeder seine Ideen einbringen und sie zu etwas Großem entstehen lassen.
Frank J.
Senior Developer
Teamwork ist für unseren Erfolg das Wesentliche.
Zelkije H.
Wir kommunizieren offen und direkt und finden so immer die beste Lösung.
Bernd S.
Project Manager