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Choose your individual service with guaranteed reaction and response times including all available updates and upgrades. Different service levels are available. From a standard contract with only little demand on manufacturer support to an individually adapted range of services at the highest level of performance. The stipulation of a software maintenance and support contract is only available for owners of VE Enterprise modules or professional editions and is an obligatory part of the license.


With one of our software maintenance and support contracts, you will have access to all future versions of the VE product modules. You will quickly and directly benefit from many improvements and optimisation through our regular patches.

Long Term Support

In addition to the regular patches for the current versions, we also maintain older versions for enterprise customers with an eligible SLA.

Support Account Manager

You will be in personal contact with our support account managers, who will advise you on all technical questions and will promote the collaboration on a regular basis.

High availability

We guarantee you not only high availability, but also fast reactions and solutions. Depending on what service level you have chosen and the classification of your inquiry, we will ensure you the contractual agreed reaction and response times.

Telephone support

If you choose one of our software maintenance and support contracts with telephone support, you will have a direct link to our Helpdesk in order to get immediate help from our experts.


You will have access to our online documentation and will be informed regularly on the further development of the VE products.